The Zoo Incident

Tigua Vergo, the first guild master, fearing the loss of his position as the head of the magic council in Wesria, decides to push forward the testing of his new experiment and uses his daughter as a live subject. His goal was to create a human who can shape-shift in an animal and back again without the use of lycanthropy or magic.

He successfully transmutes her into a dog and in doing so the magic spreads through the Pathfinders Guild turning all member into animals. His daughter being closet to the blast ends up dying. He tries to turn her back but is unable to he realises that he failed and his magic is irreversible.

The guild in shock of what has happened to their bodies investigate the source of the blast and they find Tigua, who has been transformed into a tiger, holding the body of a dog. He tells them what transpired and that he is unable to reverse what has happened to them.

Upon discovering this, guild member Bryant Silver, who has been transformed into a wolf, kills Tigua and leaves the guild. Mycroft Bombach, who has been transformed into a cat, leaves the guild in search for a way to turn everyone back but returns 13 years later with nothing.

The Guild has been disbanded and is being run as a tavern by Flynn Corver, who was transformed into a flamingo. Meowly re-establishes the Guild and becomes its second master.