Description provided by Marla Ironwright of the Wesrian Gazette. 

"Since the early days of the guild, they have led the effort to permanently protect the city and the surrounding areas. They show no discrimination and will help all in a spot of trouble, you need only ask them"


The Pathfinders guild is located in the market district within the city of Wesria, Wesreach. I guess you could say that the Pathfinders fall into the category of adventuring guilds but the contracts and requests they accept are far different from you average guild. The oddness of this guild shows its self on the surface but as you delve deeper into its members and history the oddness can quickly turn into the downright weird and mysterious. It is a tall building consisting of 3 stories and a basement, there is a tall tower attached to the building which is only accessible from inside the guild. You’ll immediately notice the inhabitants aren’t normal humans by any stretch, the majority will be animal folk. A rare species of half human, half animal hybrids. The master of the Guild only hires animal folk though his reason is unknown, the members of the guild however come in all shapes and sizes.

The ground floor of the guild is a large tavern, brightly lit and full of gleeful atmosphere here you’ll find the Guild shop run by Flamingo Flynn, who loves playing ‘beat the moneylender’. The shop is where the guild members stock up on all manner of items and knickknacks before embarking on their contacts, they can also place item orders here.

The tavern is ran by perhaps the only non-animal staff member, his name is unknown, he simply goes by ‘Barkeep’ and he is very obviously human, however he wears a fake pair of rabbit ears and whiskers which seem to fool the Guild Master. If you happen to spot him out on the street, be it by himself or with friends and family, he will pretend to not know of your existence, perhaps it’s to spare him from embarrassment. And lastly the guild porter, Llama boy, was said to be quite the fighter before taking up his job in the Guild.

As you make your way up the stairs onto the first floor you’ll find yourself on the dormitory floor. This is where the guild members all sleep and each have their own personalised rooms, due to the increase in numbers there is a secondary dormitory area on the second floor. Both these floors have balconies all around the floor so you can look down onto the tavern from above. Only accessible on the ground floor is a door which leads to a long winding staircase which passes by the first and second floor, it takes you to the Guild Masters room which is at the top of the guild tower. The Guild Masters room is off limits to anyone unless they have permission from the Master to enter. Upon entering the room you’ll be hit with strong aromas, partly due the number of shishas in the room spewing out fragrance smoke. Due to it being in the top of the tower it is a tall room reaching to the rafters of the tower. There are decorative cushions and rugs covering the room and blankets and curtains hung on the walls. The room is warmly lit by candles and lanterns, it is quite obvious that more relaxing happens in this room than hard work.

The Master of the guild is Meowly Bombach, it is up for debate whether he is part of the cat-folk race or whether he is just a large cat that can speak common, and large he is. Standing at full dwarf height when on all fours and reaching even larger than a tall human when standing on two feet. This is not seen often though as Meowly’s favourite past time is probably lying down. His second favourite is sampling rare and fine shishas from around the world, you could also say he has a flair for interior design. Meowly is known all over Wesria and his name has been known to travel further. He is well known from his days adventuring and he is said to be quite the force to be reckoned with, though his best days are behind him.

The Pathfinders have helped protect the balance of nature in the Nettles many times over. They inspire everyone to care for the sacred forest.
— Ricard Smith, Nature Conservancy Council

What They've Achieved so far...

  • Re-opening trade in the Wesrian Bay by slaying the Swordfish Kracken.
  • Winning the First Grand Guild Games.
  • Tracking down and putting the infamous serial killer 'Saw Jaw Jack' behind bars.
  • Re-planting a Yggdrasil seed in the Nettles, saving the forest.